The Question of Legality: Kratom

The U.S. is facing what may be known as the worst drug-related crisis it has ever endured, with numbers of those plagued by opiate addiction (mainly heroin) reaching record highs. Despite the improvements that have been made to help treat addicts — such as the influx of inpatient rehab centers or the increases in the funding of federally-backed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) facilities, for example — there remains the question of the effectiveness of these outdated solutions to the nation’s problem. The number of individuals in favor of the war on drugs is dropping as quickly as the addiction rate is rising, and with that comes the search for more effective treatment options. Enter: Kratom.

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is an evergreen tree indigenous to the tropics of southeast Asia. It is most commonly found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The native peoples of this region have benefited from the pain-relieving properties of Kratom for hundreds of years, however, it’s popularity in recent years has skyrocketed due to its ability to ease withdrawal symptoms in opiate addicts.

The increase in popularity of this natural healer has opened the door to studies on the uses, effects, and side effects of Kratom. Through these studies, we have learned that the most relevant alkaloids contained within the tree’s leaves are most similar to those found within well-known hallucinogenic substances, such as LSD and psilocybin (magic mushrooms), as well as the aphrodisiac properties of yohimbine. When taken in low doses, Kratom tends to stimulate the nervous system by acting on receptors that respond to adrenaline. Adversely, higher doses lead to an opiate-like response by activating the opioid receptors within the body. It is because of this response that the instances of Kratom’s usage as a form of counteracting the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Much like the current MAT options buprenorphine (Methadone) and naltrexone (Suboxone), Kratom can come with negative side effects most have described as being very similar to that of heroin, Methadone, and Suboxone alike. Because we know very little about the long-term (and short) effects of the use of Kratom, the DEA has been trying for years to get the plant classified as a Schedule 1 substance. That would put it on the same plane as heroin and cocaine. As of now (May 2018) the DEA has been unable to schedule Kratom, however, the DEA’s shortcomings have not stopped some states from illegalizing the plant. So, where can you NOT purchase or possess Kratom? Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, Alabama and Washington D.C. are all zero-tolerance states, as well as Sarasota and San Diego Counties in Florida and California, respectively and the city of Denver, Colorado; Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina are all among the states considering fully banning Kratom.

While it is impossible to say where the debate on whether or not to legalize (or illegalize, respectively) this highly potent leaf is going to end up, I think we can all agree that Kratom most certainly packs some highly favorable punches. Everything in medicine comes with both pros and cons. With that being said, much like the way we currently handle medications, the right answer will come with continued research, tests, and the discovery of scientifically-backed results.

The Origin, Dosage, and Effects of White Indo Kratom

Indonesia is the biggest Kratom producing country, and especially the type known as White Indo Kratom. One of the factors that favour the production of super Indo Kratom in Indonesia is the favourable climatic conditions characterized by sufficient sunlight, adequate rainfall, and desirable humidity levels that are ideal for the growth of Kratom. There is a broad range of Kratom strains in Indonesia, but the white strain is the most available one.

Origin of White Indo Kratom

The White Indo Kratom is grown in Borneo which is Indonesia’s biggest island. It is also produced in Sumatra Island, where it is known as white vein Sumatra Kratom. In the southwest region of Sumatra is also another type of the shite strain known as white vein Riau Kratom. Sumatra and Borneo are the most common zones where the Indo Kratom plants are found, and its harvesting marks one of the oldest customs in Sumatra.

Type of White Indo Kratom

  • Super White Indo Kratom– this type is harvested uniquely and the word super comes from the larger leaves collected which have higher amounts of alkaloid hence are more potent even in small doses.
  • Premium White Indo Kratom– which refers to the variety where stems from the leaves are removed before drying. This ensures that the final product is more concentrated since the more active ingredients are found in the leaves. It is the best used by people who are just starting out with Kratom.
  • Ultra- Enhanced White Indo Kratom it contains 25% active Kratom extract making it more potent. It is recommended for people who have more experience in using Kratom and is more expensive than other types.


It is recommendable to always start with a low dosage of Indo Kratom and then add it up for stronger effects. In whichever dose it is taken, white Indo Kratom produces specific results.

A dosage amount of 3-5 grams energizes the body, improves focus and concentration, and also uplifts emotions.

A dosage of 7-10 grams produces sedation like effects, causes the mind to relax and relaxes the body.


  • The White Vein Borneo strain is known for its effectiveness in treating depression, relieving anxiety, ending tiredness and improving concentration.
  • The White Vein Riau Kratom is sweeter and more palatable than the Borneo and Sumatra strains. However; the effects are similar to those produced by the White Borneo and Sumatra Kratom. It is useful in boosting energy levels.
  • The White Vein Sumatra Kratom increases focus and also contains many nootropic effects. It is taken to increase motivation, boost energy levels, and improve sexual desires.

The term Indo is short for Indonesia, and all the strains of Kratom grown in the country have similar characteristics of being analgesic, relaxation, and sedation. The effects of each type depend on the plant, the vein colors, and the season in which it is grown.

Green Malay Kratom

This strain of kratom has been gaining popularity in recent times. Green Malaysia Kratom, or Green Malay Kratom as it is commonly referred to, is considered to be on of the most superior types of kratom. It’s something that had been used in Malaysia for many centuries because of its high potency. While it may be often compared to another super strain, the Maeng da strain, Green Malay is relatively cheaper to buy and will last a lot longer in comparison.

The Difference

What is it exactly that makes the Green Malay kratom different from all the other types of Malay kratoms? Named because of the green veins of the plant, the difference with Green Malay is really the sustainability of its effects. When compared to other green stains such as Green Riau, the difference is evident in the way the Green Malay stimulates and affects the user. Because of its higher concentration of alkaloids compared to any other kratom.

Another difference that the Green Malay strain can offer is the fact that it doesn’t have sedative effects. If it did, it’s in relatively small traces. Green Malay is particularly useful for people who want to get rid of ridiculous amounts of pain without sacrificing energy levels. Many other kratom strains offer pain relief but at the expense of being awake and energized to perform other duties. The Green Malay strain will relieve your excessive pain, and it will completely boost your energy along the way instead of making you drowsy.

The Green Malay kratom strain also offers simultaneous effect occurrence. Shortly after a person has consumed Green Malay, they can experience euphoria, increase in appetite, pain relief, and energy boost altogether. The only downfall to this is that all of these effects will also subside simultaneously.

The Effects

The Green Malay kratom effects have been mentioned to include pain relief, euphoria, and an increase in energy. In addition, Green Malay can also help with concentration, anxiety, stress, and even depression. It can also help people that are suffering from more chronic illnesses such as arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraines. The most important thing to remember is that all these effects will last longer with the Green Malay strain.

The Dosage

The maximum dosage for the Green Malay is 2-6 grams daily, something that’s a bit more than the 4 gram maximum of some. Some say you can build up your tolerance until you can handle 10 grams of Green Malay, but it’s important to be careful when taking that much of kratom, regardless of type.

The best health supplement White Vein Kratom

This refers to a particular species of the kratom plant. In particular, the white vein kratom provides various benefits when compared to the conventional kratom supplements. This includes an enhanced sense of well-being, improved health, enhanced body functions and more. Before choosing a particular vendor for the product, you might have to conduct some research for the best results. This particular product is native to various countries of Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia. Furthermore, in Asian countries, White vein kratom has been used for several years and for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Once you consume it, the side effect is almost instant and most users report a euphoric and focus enhancing the state of mind. The supplement is consumed orally and it is available in various types of brands.

Advantages of using white vein kratom

There are several benefits of using this particular type of health supplement for your needs. For instance, the white vein kratom has been used since pre-historic times to alleviate various types of health complications. Furthermore, this best natural health supplement has also been used for recreational purposes and more. Simply put, the kratom is used for recreational purposes in that it helps to boost one’s mood and overall sense of focus. Some users have associated the benefits of the drug to various other useful products such as coffee. The other benefit of using white vein strains Is that it’s entirely natural. Additionally, various medical research studies are being conducted to back the benefits of using this type of supplement. Over the years, no known cause of death or adverse side effects have been associated with consuming this particular health supplement. Once you consume it, the side effect are almost instant and most users report a euphoric and focus enhancing state of mind. The supplement is consumed orally and it is available in various types of brands.

How to choose the kratom vendor

There are various ways through which one can choose a reliable vendor for the supplement. You may have to talk to your medical health service provider to help you choose a suitable solution for your needs. It’s important to note that white vein kratom is also potent and this might have significant interactions with various other drugs. This drug can be easily purchased online and at affordable prices. Consider choosing a brand that has good reviews and is also well known by kratom users.


In summary, white vein kratom is by far one the best natural health supplements. Before you can invest in the product, you need to conduct some research and choose a good vendor. Also, you may have to consult with a doctor and find some more information about the product. In this way, you can come across products that are beneficial for your health purposes.

Want the best Krotom? Consider the following Top 3 Online Krotom Vendors

Let me say that I don’t regard myself as an expert, but as a fanatic member of the kratom community, I have come across some brands that have proven their consistency in offering both quality and variety. These brands have not gone unnoticed as they have been the receptors of great feedback from satisfied customers. I have compiled for you my list of three Krotom Venders that I have seen to have captured the attention of most members of the kratom community.


Purkratom is a Florida based company which is great considering the good reputation kratom has in this part of the USA. Therefore, Purkratom is in a good position to import some of the best authentic strains that adhere to a strict process. The website is chock full of satisfied customer reviews. Offering both powder and capsules Purkratom has a good variety and you need to be at least 21 years old to order. They offer free shipping on all orders, with money back guarantee just in case it falls short of your expectations.

GAIA Ethnobotanical

GAIA has been having an upward trajectory in sales and popularity since 2017 which was their strongest year. Popular for their fast shipping and irresistible kratom, it comes as no surprise that GAIA Ethnobotanical has a lot of satisfied and hence loyal customers. Their products have a relatively low price tag e.g, 1kg red bali price being at around $90. It is the kind of company many think of when answering the question ‘who is the best seller of kratom?’ The flip side may be that they do not have a money-back guarantee. But you can say that there is no need for one because of the confidence they have in their products. Nevertheless, where there is a rumor there is some truth and the truth with GAIA is that it is a thriving company and will continue in this trend simply because they have an excellent customer service, wide range of products coupled with a huge social following.

Coastline Kratom

Founded about a decade ago (2015), Coastline Kratom is an experienced company that has been leading from the front in this industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. They offer everything a fanatic kratom user desires. Their products come from the origin of kratom and with them you can rest assured that your kratom has been handled by experienced people. Simply put, Coastline has kratom that is of high quality, their shipping is free, and money back guarantee.

We are faced with numerous choices in our ceaseless search for the best brand of kratom. With the above choices you can now overcome the challenge of discerning which company is offering a reputable product.

Tackle Your Stress & Live A Worry Free Life

You may feel low version of anxiety that burst suddenly and make you stressed. But if you think panic attacks are getting intolerable, immediately take help of professional physiologist. It may take some time but you will feel better.

Are you cyber addicted? If you are 24/7 connected on multiple platforms through social media, online shopping sites and more, you need to protect your body and brain to avoid overwhelming. You must understand and manage your stress with simple strategies.

Ditch Caffeine & Switch To Herbal Teas:

A morning cup of coffee is enough to satisfy your cravings and provide antioxidants but as the day goes on you must prefer herbal teas and natural drinks. The excessive amount of caffeine like more than 4 ounces is harmful for your health because it can disrupt sleep and trigger anxiety. Eat fermented foods to control anxiety.

Sleep Consistently:

Infrequent sleep is one of the major reasons of anxiety. Trouble falling asleep can worsen the stress response. Sleep better to give a rest to your body and brain. You can use natural remedies, such as give massage on the bottoms of your feet with lavender essential oil or magnesium oil to help you calm and relax.  It’s better to cut off electronics use one hour before you going to bed to instantly shift your tension.

Medications can be life saver especially when other plans are not working on your stress level. Use power of medication if you think stress is getting intolerable. Etizolam will help great in such situation. You have to careful about the dosage. Overdose can be dangerous for you. Consult you your physician if you are already on medication. You can deal with anxious self with ease if you stick to some rules in your life.

Minimize Hormone Fluctuation:

Hormone imbalance can aggravate the depression and cause irritability or panic attacks. According to experts you must eat food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to control hormones and reduce hormone instability that leads to lessen anxiety level. So it’s good to keep a check on hormone levels yearly and seek changes that are root cause of nervousness and angst.

Get Savvy About Medication:

Not all meds and supplements are good to treat nervousness. You will see too many supplements in market and online drug stores, but they can worsen the situation instead of curing it. Consult your doctor before using any calming drugs and choose the best supplements to take. Start with children dosage to avoid the side effects. Low dose often have an excellent response.

Find Relief In Meditation:

When you are in trauma, surge of hormones releases including cortisol and adrenaline through a combination of hormonal and nerve and signals. Cortisol surge leads to depression and adrenaline lift up blood pressure, bump up your heart rate and boosts energy supplies. You must need a great anxiety-management strategy to treat causes for nervousness. You can go for meditation, massage, yoga and acupuncture to find some relief.