Best Kratom Strains 2019 | KRATOM Expert Interview

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant which belongs to the coffee family. Its leaves are known to have medicinal benefits which have rendered them useful in treating diseases and illnesses for a long time. Like most herbs and plants kratom has numerous strains with each having distinct effects on users. Though almost all kratom strains are medicinally beneficial, getting the most out of kratom board requires that you choose the right strains. Some strains will, for instance, have great pain-relieving effects with others energizing the brain and others healing addiction. The purpose of this article is to give you some insights into the best kratom strains so that you choose a strain that fully satisfies your need.

Kratom Strains

1. Bali kratom Strain

This is an all-around strain which makes it the most purchased in the world. Besides having numerous healing effects on users, Bali kratom is cheaper compared to other strains. It has great anxiety and pain relieving effects. Additionally, it is rich in alkaloids and this makes it have opiate-like effects depending on the dosage. For this reason, those looking for narcotic opiate high feeling should go for the Bali kratom.

2. Red vein Kali Strain

This strain is less popular compared to the Bali strain. It is, however, the best alternative for those who are healing from opiate addiction because when it is taken in high doses, it is capable of producing a significant analgesic effect. In addition, the white vein Kali is very euphoric and this makes it a perfect contender to use alongside some opiate-like kratom voice strains.

3.Green Malay Strain

This is the most euphoric strain which makes it the most effective when it comes to alleviating anxiety. Besides, it has the benefit of energizing more than it sedates. Though its effects last for up to four hours, its euphoric properties make this strain a perfect contender for soothing doubt and worry. It also possesses mood boosting and energizing properties.

4.Yellow Sunda Strain

This strain is well known for treating anxiety-related problems since it provides adequate stress relief by sedating more than stimulating. It has blissful and relaxing onset and this is why you are likely to find it being used by both experienced and novice kratom users.

5.White Cambodian Strain

This is one of the most stimulating kratom strains and its considerable euphoric qualities keep anxiety at bay. Apart from offering pain relief effects, this strain is an excellent choice for those who want to suppress social anxiety and remain energetic at the same time.

6.Indo Kratom Strain

This strain is less sedating when compared to other strains like Borneo. For this reason, if your productivity is affected by anxiety, this is the best strain to take. It comes in green red and white vein varieties. The green vein is popularly known as Super Indo because it blends relaxing effects and pain relief with mild stimulation. The red vein, on the other hand, is mood lifting while white vein is unfit for those who have anxiety since it is a strong stimulator.

Kratom Dosage

Finding the perfect dosage will highly depend on the form you choose and the strain.




Kratom Types With High Potency

Kratom is one of the natural drugs which are used to treat several diseases. It is obtained from the kratom plant. You can use either the leaves or the stem extracts to solve several health complications like pain relief and energy boost, especially for men. To use its extracts, you can either use them directly in powder form or in capsules form. Because of the unpleasant taste of the powdered kratom, most people prefer the capsule ones. Whoever the form you choose, there is always different types of kratom that you should be aware of before you finally choose the form in which you need the kratom. Here are the different types of kratom which you can buy from Best kratom vendors who are selling the best quality, as quality gives you the desired results.

Maeng da Kratom

Every person who uses kratom knows about this type of kratom. It is basically one of the strongest type or strain of kratom. It has the most long-lasting effects and so you do not have to use it very regularly. You should take at least six hours before you can take another dose.

Maeng da kratom is strong in boosting mood, supplying more energy to the user and relieving pain among other effects. It can actually serve for giving all the effects of kratom. This kratom has proved to be resistant to tolerance especially when taken in the right dosage. Due to its strength, it is recommended that you take it as per the instruction of your doctor.

Indo Kratom

As the name suggests, Indo kratom comes from Indonesia. You can get this strain in white, red and green colors. The effects of this strain are not very intense. It is reported to be less stimulating than any other strain of kratom. However, Indo kratom might have mild energising effects.

In essence, Indo kratom can make you experience nearly all the effects of kratom at a mild level. For instance, it is associated with relieving pain, increasing concentration and relaxation as well as boosting the user’s mood. They also help in relieving stress or depression. To have this strain help you with long-lasting effects, you might have to use it at a very short interval.

Bali Kratom

This type of kratom is not so well popular. You might have to really move from one shop to another just in search of it. It is red in colour and so it is sometimes also referred to as red vein. The best effect to expect from this strain is its pain relief because of its opioid feature. Any condition of pain such as back pain, chronic pain and depression can be relieved using this type of kratom.

Green Malay Kratom

This type of kratom is dark green in colour. It is one of the strongest strains of kratom when it comes energy provision and pain relief. When taken at high dosage, it tends to give a seductive effect. Additionally, it leads to kratom tolerance and addiction very fast. As a user, you might have to limit the frequency of using it to avoid addiction and tolerance. Green Malay can be used also to help people with anxiety.

Insights on Kratom Powder why you need to know about effects & Side effects


The kratom herb grows on Thailand and several areas Southeast Asia has been of great importance to the natives and currently globally. That is following its vast health impacts in the body of consumers. It has been noted that kratom is among the very few medicinal herbs that do not require many prescriptions and their outcomes are superb. The various health advantages include;

  1. Ability to lower blood pressure
  2. The ability to relieve chronic pains
  3. The kratom relieves stress and reduces anxiety
  4. Brings about relaxation

Following all these advantages, the Geo kratom powder has its shortcomings as well. Among these shortcomings are;

  • It causes dizziness
  • Nausea

The kratom is found in various forms, which include syrup, capsules, and powder. The powder form is among the most sought and famous since it is easy to prepare locally and once taken it goes to bloodstream directly thus leading to quick response. In this article, we will discuss in details vital information on kratom powder.

What is kratom powder and why so many people prefer it?

Kratom powder is a vital powder extracted from a Next kratom herb found in Southeast Asia. The plant does well there due to favorable weather conditions. Kratom powder has traditionally been prepared and used locally to cure various diseases. Upon consumption, the kratom effect is always immediately leading to faster action in the body of the consumer hence becoming darling to many. That is the core reason why powder kratom is very famous compared to other forms.

What are the best kratom powder strains?

There are various kratom strains found in the market categorized following multiple reasons among them being the color and alkaloid concentration. The effectiveness of the strain will depend on the body reaction of the user. That is because different users got varying chemical compositions hence the reaction varying. Generally among the highly demanded strains are green Batak, white jongkong and the famous wild red ball.

Is the kratom powder legal?

Despite the various medical positive effects on the human body, the kratom is not legalized in all states due to the state regulations. The lack of proper lab test and prescription are among the core reasons as to why the product is banned in some states; it, therefore, prudent to check on states that have legalized the use of the product to be on the safe side while using the product to avoid fine penalties.

Why Is FDA Worried About The Kratom?

According to the available information, the FDA reports kratom and classifies it among narcotics such as opioids, which have adverse effects, and puts the health of consumers at risk. Regardless of lack of scientific proof, the organization has put the product in negative records.

Lastly, we can say that despite kratom powder having its shortcomings such as bad smell and taste, it remains among the most sought due to its quick action once consumed.