Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom is commonly identified in the country where it originates. It is known for its natural benefits for many years. It has also gained popularity outside due to its potent effects and its high potency. Most of the user prefer it to other brands of Kratom since they have noted that it’s economic and its effect last longer.

Green Malay Leaves

In Malaysia, it is commonly referred to as Keenum. Its leaves serve the purpose of morphine and mu opioids. It reliefs chronic pain and also help muscle and back pains. The leaves are oval making them highly notable with the help of their green tone. Due to its high contents of Mitragynine, it helps in increasing power to fight damaged cells and increasing human body immunity.

Green Malay Kratom nowadays is becoming a natural complement of people living with cancer and the users are said to be getting better results favorable in chemotherapy. It is because this information this drug became extensively used in Malaysia and many clients testified to its efficiency and benefits.

Alkaloids present in the Green Kratom helps in facilitating one’s mood, keeping a hormonal balance and improving health. The leaves are taken as a powder or either converted into capsule form. The bigger the size of a Malay Kratom leaf, the higher the alkaloids concentration is found.

Its side effects and benefits

Enhancing motivation

Increase energy

Joyous results

Relieving pain

Increasing motor role and sensory.

Enhancing positive mood.

These effects are verified to be helpful to persons who lack strength, focus and determination. It is also useful for people working under demanding environment and those whose work is more demanding. Patients who suffer from migraines, sciatica, chronic, muscle and back pains can also use the drug.

If the drug is excessively used beyond the prescription, it has the below side effects;

Dizziness and nausea


Hyper- action

Excessive sweating

Poor concentration

With these side effects, there is a possibility of having a negative impact on your life. There are no cases of deaths that have been reported due to high consumption of this drug.

Malay Kratom correct amount

From the general rule, there is no right dosage of the drug. Its potency depends on the weight, patience and age of the person consuming the drug. A standard strain in Malay Kratom ranges from 2-6 grams and. Minimum consumption starts with a single and continues to the maximum as you feel its benefits.

Since Kratoms effectiveness differs significantly on an individual’s weight, there is a specified amount to be consumed to acquire its benefit. People weighing 150-200lbs should consume 3-4 grams of Kratom. Persons over 200 pounds can begin with 5 grams in a day while keenly observing its side effects.

Green Malay Kratom works instantly, and its effects are manipulated within 3-5 hours. It one of the Kratom brands that have a highly potent and you should always note your physical responses after the consumption