Lively Mood Botanicals Review

Lively Mood Botanicals has set their logo as Energy, Vitality, and Rejuvenation, and their words are stoned as they truly mean it. The vendor claims to provide a high quality of ethnobotanical products to the customers and the suppliers who supply kratom to them use two times more kratom leaves than normal to provide customers with high level and extremely potent kratom powder.

Besides a great variety of kratom powder, Lively Mood Botanicals also provide Kava, Blue Lotus, and Maca powders.

Kratom powder is a requisite and the most sensational option in the world of herbal supplements. It has moved life towards perfection and its effectiveness in properties is remarkable.

These kratom powders are significant for the quality of life but actually, it is a harsh truth that finding the right quality of kratom is very tedious. Many vendors in the market are being authentic in their own books claims to provide the best results but all are not authorized.

Alright, some vendors are surely providing the right quality of kratom and I was finding for the great quality kratom and me suddenly got to know about Lively Mood Botanicals and it is my belief that this vendor actually offers one of the best ethnobotanical products in the market and their large scale product range is all the way satisfying many people having different demands at a time.

Lively Mood Premium Kratom

The most appreciating term connected with Lively Mood Kratom is their premium quality products. The vendor makes sure to harvest the kratom strain when it is needed and not preserved before. This is done to maintain the contents and the potency of kratom.

If you don’t know, harvesting is done at the time of its demand is the treasure for the superior quality and dominant kratom leaves powder. Mature leaves are picked because premature leaves don’t have wanted potency and efficiency and likewise, over dried kratom leaves will manufacture a rotten powder which will surely lose its quality and efficiency.

Lively Mood Botanicals takes extreme care of maintaining alkaloid potency in kratom powders and for this purpose, the vendor dries kratom leaves in darkness, not in sunlight.

Which kratom strains are available at Lively Mood?

Besides their excellent manufacturing process, the next equally appreciable category is their product line having multiple kratom strains. This is very admirable as not all vendors provide this abundant variety that Lively Mood is offering.

This vendor is providing three strains of kratom powder which are based on the rate of their effect, which is very rare to see in any other vendor. These strains are:

  • Slow strains
  • Moderate strains
  • Fast strains

Slow strains don’t mean slow in effects instead, it has some other meaning which might be related to more sedation.

Moderate strains show a mild yet effective aroma along with strength.

Fast strains are associated with dynamic results and are enhanced in their effects.

Slow strains start at $11.99 per ounce, moderate strains start at $8.49 per ounce and fast kratom strains also start at $11.99 per ounce.