Preparation of liquid kratom

The liquid extracts of a kratom are generally referred to as liquid kratom. A kratom is a tree whose origin is believed to be in Southeast Asia. The kratom tree produces opioid effects which vary from one kratom strain to the next. Kratom leaves contain active compounds of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine which produce stimulation and sedation when consumed.the liquid extracts of a kratom produce very powerful effects as the alkaloid concentration in soluble form is considered effective.

The process of making liquid kratom involves extraction of active kratom ingredients. This is done by dissolving the leaves in a mixture ethanol alcohol and water. The alkaloids in the kratom plant are soluble in both water and ethanol alcohol. This ensures there is no loss of the bioactive components present. A pure extract known as Spectrum Tincture is produced when all the kratom components are strongly present. The extract is highly concentrated thus preserving the effects of the liquid kratom.

Effects of liquid kratom

The source of the strain leaves is a basic factor on the effect of the liquid kratom. this forms the basis of rating the concentration of liquid. A 5x concentration produces an output weighing 10 times the number of leaves used to produce the liquid. Liquid kratom user experience the following importance;

anti-oxidant supplement: Bio-active compounds present in the liquid kratom are known to prohibit body molecules from oxidation. Liquid kratom supplements the anti-oxidants produced normally by the human body, making the cells healthy thus preventing fast aging.

Anxiety and frustration reliever: liquid kratom is associated with joyous moods due to the stimulant nature of the concentrated alkaloids. This makes liquid kratom an effective proposition to stressed and emotionally depressed people.

Pain reliever: liquid kratom eases chronic pain and it can be prescribed as a substitute for painkillers as it is easy to prepare compared to other herbal remedies.

Lowers the blood pressure: liquid kratom relaxes the body muscles making the cells less strained thus stabilizing blood pressure.

Boosting immunity and protection against cell damage: this is an invisible effect of liquid kratom which is can be concluded as result of other effects discussed above.


Liquid kratom should be consumed in prescribed dosages. A typical liquid kratom dose is 15ml. The dosage can be increased if the effect is not realized. liquid kratom is best administered using a dropper. A filled dropper is supposed to be squeezed under the tongue and not be swallowed. The content is absorbed into the blood vessels giving a quick effect as first pass metabolism is circumvented.

Side effects: side effects that can be associated with liquid kratom include Nausea, dizziness, laziness, fatigue, and drowsiness.