Red Borneo Reviews

Red Borneo reviews

If asking what the difference between white and red Borneo is, then we can tell you that there is a major difference. It may sound the same, as both of them are Borneo, but the strain is what plays the most important role here. Red vein can offer you a more energetic effect if taken in high doses like krypton kratom and it’s the strongest painkiller of all strains. Also, red vein tends to be less dependent on your individual brain chemistry (as white and green strains effect can depend a lot on individual characteristics of one using it) and has the same effects at the same doses.

Red vein strains can be very sedating, pain-relieving and relaxing in medium to high doses, so if taken before sleep they can make it easier to fall asleep. Also, users of this strained state that by relieving stress and anxiety, it helps antisocial people who find it hard to adapt in the society less stressed and more able to effectively communicate with others. Red veins are also used to manage opiate addiction, as they offer an opiate-like effect and can relieve heroin withdrawal symptoms and manage chronic pain.

To sum up Red vein:

  • Is a strong painkiller
  • Offers strong sedating effects in moderate-to-high doses
  • Is the best strain to treat opiate addiction

These are the most exclusive effects of all red veins, including Borneo and the main difference between white and red Borneo.


Users are fascinated by the strong effects of red Borneo. They say that it is a fantastic and a one of a kind strain as it gives strong effects in moderate doses, is a really great painkiller (many users have defeated chronic pain with the help of red Borneo) and just a great herb to help you relax and offer you a good mood. We have gathered a lot of information about doses and intake methods and we can say the next:

The regular dose for most users is about 3-5gr. If you are completely new to this, it would be better if you started with 1gr and increased the dose to 0.5gr every 20-30 minutes. If you are experienced in using it, then you know which does fit you best. Intake methods are more or less the same as other Kratom strains, as you can:

  • Smoke it (not really recommended)
  • Chew it (you may not like the taste)
  • Make the tea out of it to drink (just as you make your regular tea)

All of the above are good, but the best ways are taking it in capsules, which are sold with regulated doses per capsule.

Also, users note that, despite it being a fantastic strain with strong effects, it is very easy to overdose it. Most users recommend starting from small doses (2-5gr) and gradually move on to higher doses, as many of them took a high dose from the start and experienced side effects. This is due to the fact they have a big concentration of alkaloids, tolerance to Kratom can be increased very fast, that’s why you need to be careful with the doses and not get too excited with it. Despite the fact red vein leaf Kratom not an opiate by its nature; it can have similar to heroin or morphine side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive sweating
  • In some cases disorientation
  • Rarely cramps

So one must be aware of the side-effects it can bring.

Another reason for users to love red Borneo so much is the fact that it is the best strain from which you can create different tinctures and extracts. It is strong by itself and if you create a strong extract, tincture or resin, it will last you for very long, as you will need to take half the dose you usually take in order to feel strong effects. This saves you both time and money, as you will not have to constantly buy and spend a lot of money on red vein strain (although they are not way too expensive) and always have a fresh dose of Kratom in your stash and buy kratom from authentic vendors.

Ratings are 5/5 and it is highly recommended to everyone who wants to start using Kratom.