The Origin, Dosage, and Effects of White Indo Kratom

Indonesia is the biggest Kratom producing country, and especially the type known as White Indo Kratom. One of the factors that favour the production of super Indo Kratom in Indonesia is the favourable climatic conditions characterized by sufficient sunlight, adequate rainfall, and desirable humidity levels that are ideal for the growth of Kratom. There is a broad range of Kratom strains in Indonesia, but the white strain is the most available one.

Origin of White Indo Kratom

The White Indo Kratom is grown in Borneo which is Indonesia’s biggest island. It is also produced in Sumatra Island, where it is known as white vein Sumatra Kratom. In the southwest region of Sumatra is also another type of the shite strain known as white vein Riau Kratom. Sumatra and Borneo are the most common zones where the Indo Kratom plants are found, and its harvesting marks one of the oldest customs in Sumatra.

Type of White Indo Kratom

  • Super White Indo Kratom– this type is harvested uniquely and the word super comes from the larger leaves collected which have higher amounts of alkaloid hence are more potent even in small doses.
  • Premium White Indo Kratom– which refers to the variety where stems from the leaves are removed before drying. This ensures that the final product is more concentrated since the more active ingredients are found in the leaves. It is the best used by people who are just starting out with Kratom.
  • Ultra- Enhanced White Indo Kratom it contains 25% active Kratom extract making it more potent. It is recommended for people who have more experience in using Kratom and is more expensive than other types.


It is recommendable to always start with a low dosage of Indo Kratom and then add it up for stronger effects. In whichever dose it is taken, white Indo Kratom produces specific results.

A dosage amount of 3-5 grams energizes the body, improves focus and concentration, and also uplifts emotions.

A dosage of 7-10 grams produces sedation like effects, causes the mind to relax and relaxes the body.


  • The White Vein Borneo strain is known for its effectiveness in treating depression, relieving anxiety, ending tiredness and improving concentration.
  • The White Vein Riau Kratom is sweeter and more palatable than the Borneo and Sumatra strains. However; the effects are similar to those produced by the White Borneo and Sumatra Kratom. It is useful in boosting energy levels.
  • The White Vein Sumatra Kratom increases focus and also contains many nootropic effects. It is taken to increase motivation, boost energy levels, and improve sexual desires.

The term Indo is short for Indonesia, and all the strains of Kratom grown in the country have similar characteristics of being analgesic, relaxation, and sedation. The effects of each type depend on the plant, the vein colors, and the season in which it is grown.